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Floating Accommodations is excited to announce the arrival of the 135 passenger accommodation vessel MV Berekah to North Abaco Port on this the 1 year anniversary of the devastating hurricane Dorian. The MV Berekah is available for housing and feeding workers that are involved in the reconstruction of Abaco and it’s surrounding Cays.

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With the World Wide Pandemic that we all are unfortunately now facing for up to another 12-18 months, Floating Accommodation has enacted a stringent protocol to follow for our Accommodation vessels. The MV Berekah has always offered an onboard medical staff for workers/onboard residents safety, an important difference that have always set us apart from land based work camps. However, we have now also adapted their role, by offering onboard Covid-19 rapid test kits as well as certain preventive medicines, believed to be effective. We have in addition secured a ventilator for additional preparedness.

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