Local impact

Responsibility to the community mandate that any temporary influx of workers or personnel should have low impact. Nobody is served with a hight pressure on the real estate market, pressing rental prices beyond the possible for the one already there, or devastating the prices if additional building take place - then left vacant after its use. Law-enforcement is equally not served with monopolizing the few livable properties after a natural disaster. We offer low market impact, hight volume housing that leave nothing behind when finished - not even a bulldozed empty site.


Be a good neighbor

Local Impact

What benefit someone would be the detriment of someone else. The boom town condition in Kitimat, BC Canada have caused eviction and artificially high prices on rentals for residents. Solutions like work-camps and a vessel to elevate this temporary problem http://goo.gl/C6vF0p , but then landlords are complaining that they are cheated from the windfall http://goo.gl/TGxSDT What the landlords don't realize, is that what would be a windfall now, would have a negative impact on the permanent residents that would be forced out, then what, when the boom is over who will then rent, not to mentioned the extra housing built will have a negative impact on future real estate prices. Man-camps and vessels are solutions that have little impact when in place and leave a temporary demand without future problems when removed.

From the article the situation is described causing effect that no corporation should feel comfortable being the driving force behind; " Onshore, the signs are just as clear. The town’s two main hotels are booked to capacity, with some renovated units going for $275 a night.Three of the town’s four doctors have stopped accepting new patients, housing prices have jumped by more than 50 per cent in the past year, and the vacancy rate is close to zero.At the animal shelter, meeting rooms and even a washroom have been commandeered as shelter for dozens of cats and kittens that have arrived this spring, some dropped off by tearful owners who had to move after their rent increased."

14 months after a large accommodation vessel arrived to make an instant solution to these problems,.the work is completed, the vessel has left and the market is back to normal again with no left behind vacant housing distressing the value of real estate. The town, the politicians and the company that worked together for the solution will be remembered as a successful performed temporary project - the company remaining a major work factor but more importantly, everybody's good neighbor.