Our History

The executives and founders of Floating Accommodations bring 70+ years of Cruise, Ferry and Cargo/Logistic experience to the company. Having operated Florida's largest and most successful Day Cruise Operation, they were also involved with marine operations for major Florida theme parks, as well as launching the first Miami-Bimini ferry operation.

MV Dream New Orleans
The vessel MV Dream docked in New Orleans
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the founders of US Shipbrokers took their years of cruise and
Finjet Baton Rouge
The vessel GTS Finnjet docket in Baton Rouge

ferry experience and provided for two 1200+ passenger vessels for two major New Orleans based universities to be used as floating dormitories and education facilities for their devastated campuses. These two vessels allowed the Universities to keep their student body intact without loosing out on enrollment. The students that lived for two semesters on these vessels thrived in this new environment and the Floating Accommodation solution was considered a huge success by all accounts. All aspects of these charters was handled by our team, from identifying the appropriate vessels to handling the negotiations and all charter agreements. In addition, our team was also closely involved with all regulatory concerns in bringing these vessels to their location. Our expertise got quick and favorable response from all federal and local agencies involved with the permitting of such an endeavor.


Regal Empress Galveston
MV Regal Empress docked in Galveston

The vessel Ola Esmaralda docked in Haiti
The tremendous success of these charters, catapulted the company to a leader in floating accommodation solutions and less than two years later, we were asked to provide Floating Accommodations after the devastation of Hurricane Ike in Galveston Texas. Once again we delivered within in days of being contacted. This led to our assistance in providing Floating Accommodations for The U.N. of their relief workers in Haiti. Once again the vessel performed well during its charter in Haiti. When St. Mary's College was stricken with a mold outbreak in their dormitories from the after affect of Hurricane damage, Floating Accommodations was again the logical choice and we again provided in record time and within their tight budget (story). Our company once again consulted an assisted when Panama's largest copper mind was in need of transportation and accommodation logistics. We have in addition provided vessels for one time event charters for both entertainment and accommodation use around the world.



Most recently, we consulted and brokered a large cruise ferry for Floating Accommodations for a Canadian operation. Once again our timing experience and past knowledge got the deal done in record time.

We keep the details of each assignment confidential, but will provide an approved list with past references to any new client upon request.