Our many offshore accommodation solutions allow you to stay on location
while your work-force have amenities and comfort to allow extended stay
on-board. Many of our vessel have inside work areas, cranes and
equipment to assist  your tasks.

At home with short commute

Taylor made solutions. Whether you are looking for accommodation only or a full work base for your installation, our vessels will fit the tasks.

We provide vessels suited both for work and recreation, so that the stay on site becomes more enjoyable and possible can be completed without costly frequent crew turnover or exchange.
Our vessels are suited for offshore landing with water level access, on board gangway system for transfer to work site and heli-pad for that urgent or scheduled air service.
Our on board facilities are the best in the industry, with large common areas, indoor and outdoor rec areas and food suited for a hotel stay.
Wind-farm work would be a breeze on board our vessel, no punt intended….

Featured offshore vessels

  • Bluefort

    The floatel is a 460-foot (142-metre) former sea ferry that has been converted to a premium hotel vessel and industrial work platform. Featuring 225 single-occupancy cabins with ensuite washrooms, 35 deluxe crew cabins, a converted car deck for equipment storage and a 12,000-pound helicopter landing pad.

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  • Edda Fides

    Delivered in 2011, Edda Fides is the only purpose built monohull accommodation vessel in the world. She has a capacity for 600 POB, a 1400 m2 deck area and is equipped with DP3.

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  • Berakah

    This small cruse vessel can accommodate 100 - 120 workers comfortable..  The ship has an overall length of 56.90 meters, a molded breadth of 12.28 meters, a gross tonnage of 1,716 and a net tonnage of 575.

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