Our Types

  • Barge

    We have Accommodation Barges for all purpose, the Coastel type that is suitable for at site deployment, at a dock, outside a dock or in a port. The offshore type that in addition to the living quarters, doubles as a work and service platform.

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  • Passenger Vessel

    We have affordable passenger vessels available for any purpose and size, ranging from less than 100 occupants to 1500, single or double occupancy and with ample common area to make work in a remote location or offshore more enjoyable.

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  • Modules

    Our Modules can be self contained and freestanding ashore or be placed on a vessel or supply vessel to accommodate and convert that supply vessel to an accommodation vessel for the duration of the work assignment. We also have Offshore certified standard TUI Container accommodations available, that can make a quick buildup of a temporary accommodations need.

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  • On Site

    We are constantly trying to match our clients housing need with the perfect vessel. If we can bring a vessel directly to a facility - eliminating any travel from port or anchorage - we will make it happen. Our team work with all regulatory bodies to find the best solution for the hosing need within the operational limits

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  • In Port

    We will negotiate long term solution and access to a vessel in a port, where we will seamlessly integrate our proven security protocol to comply with the regulatory, but make the vessel easy accessible to its permanent residents..

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  • Offshore

    Whether it is for a wind-farm, an oil installation, requiring housing only in more affordable passenger vessel solutions, or a combination of work-vessel with crane and construction capability in addition to the housing - we will provide the most economical solution. We are known for thinking outside the box.

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